9/19/2011      LaurieG     This woman is so amazing! She is so caring and awesome. She is my go to advisor when I know I need to know the truth. She has advised me to buy books and is unbelievably instrumental in me getting to where I need to be to add peace and harmony to my life so that I can find love again. I love her, everyone should call her, she is AWESOME!


9/19/2011      silvermngddss     Renee, thank you soooo soo much for the amazing reading! You really helped me see my situation from a different perspective and I really think that will help immensely! Your insight really touched me and I am super excited that it confirmed what I had been seeing. I just strapped on those flying shoes, so bring it on! I will keep in touch for sure:) Sending you love & light, Trish



9/17/2011      Peace Conference     I’ve talked with Renee twice now and both times have been insightful and uplifting. She provides help in more ways than one and her joy for being there to help comes through on the call. She loves sharing her gifts and knowledge. Experience a call with her to really understand, you’ll be glad that you did!


9/14/2011      Hannah65     Renee is an angel, she’s been helping me for almost a year now, I’m a totally different person thanks to her healing light. Renee really has an amazing gift to heal anything you’re going through or anything you want, she can make your dreams a reality. Renee has taught me so much and made things happen that I never thought were possible. She is the real deal and she really really wants to help….


9/6/2011      Queen of Clarity     Renee is a fantastic healer. MAGNIFICENT!!! She took away my physical pain today, which has been with me for over a month. She gave me specific techniques to prevent the pain from coming back, and she explained in crystal clear terms why I was feeling the way I have been and why I won’t be feeling that way any longer. One technique alone she gave me was worth the call. She is a superb healer, energy worker, and teacher. Beyond compare. THANKS from the bottom of every chakra!

Thank you Renee! I love to hear what you pick up on others thoughts/feelings/behaviors. It’s great to be able to receive the clarity and confirmation from you and not have to think I’m crazy 🙂 haha Thank you again and will be keeping in touch!
Renee is amazing. I’ve worked with her for years and can say without hesitation her accuracy is astounding and her ability to facilitate my own growth and healing is beyond words. The light that she shares and bring out of her client ( me) has raised my vibration by leaps and bounds . She is a gifted healer and intuitive medium. What a blessing.
Renee is my ‘go to’ spiritual healer and counselor and I am always amazed at how her healings change and grow as I do. The lessons and tools she uses are life changing and they just keep getting stronger and more effective. I am so grateful to have found Renee and my life wouldn’t be the same without her. Thank you for all that your share with your readers Renee!
I’ve been working with Renee for 13 months now and she is hands down the best healer, therapist, and psychic I have ever met. She took me when I had little sense of self worth and love to a place where I stand in my power 100% of the time. She has set me back on course to having the purest of love (knowing how to receive it and give it wholeheartedly) and I now surround myself with more love than anyone could ask for. Her gift and professionalism is beyond description.
Renee has been such a blessing in my life. I have been looking for someone to give me clarity for a number of years. Renee is quick to pick up on stuff and she gets to the point fast. Also I like that Renee has the ability to share her experiences as well this is very soothing. Thanks Renee your the best and I will continue to call you. Xoxo Sommer
Renee is fantastic! Easy to talk to and consistent on her messages. Renee really picked up on a ex relationship and the characteristics of that person. Thanks for all of you help and God bless!
I always feel so much better after getting a reading from Renee. She is calming, understanding and patient. She was on point and I wouldn’t hesitant to call her again. Thanks Renee you’re the best.
Oh my gosh, my reading with Renee was amazing!! She cut right to the core of my issue within one minute and after a 5 minute call I left feeling totally empowered and with a new understanding of what was going on for me. She has such a sweet way of presenting things and really understands empaths. I will be calling her again!
Renee has been lovingly guiding me through some difficult situations in my personal life. She has helped me see the spiritual lessons in these situations which makes them easier to manage. Not only am I solving the problems in a fast, effective manner, but she is also teaching me the greater lessons hidden within in each problem/solution. Her patience, expertise and healing abilities are first class. She is giving me lifelong tools that can be used in all aspects of my life. Thank you Renee!
I have been working with Renee for several months and she has helped me to completely turn my life around. Her energy healings are amazing and the tools she teaches you really do help you to heal yourself and change the outcome of any situation you are involved in. I have worked with many healers and psychics and Renee is by far the most talented. I am amazed at how different my life is after working with her. Love you Renee!
I’ve been working with Renee for 7 months now and I can’t say enough how instrumental she has been for my personal growth. Aside from her psychic abilities never failing to deliver accurate messages and result, what I’ve accomplished to heal with her within this time is far more than what one could accomplish in 1 year of psycho therapy. She’s not just a psychic, but a TRUE healer. You’re ALWAYS in good hands with Renee. She never fails to disappoint.
Renee has to be the best healing light reader around. She has helped me navigate difficult situations and raise my spiritual vibration! Her loving spirit and generous loving light has led me from darkness to love again! Thanks a trillion Renee! Simply —- Outstanding :-0