The energy of love and how it heals

We have different up bringings, forming different belief systems, experiences and outcomes, make us who we are today. Most of us have never learned how to love ourselves and wouldn’t even know where to start. We all know what it feels like to be loved by our parents, children, siblings, spouses, partners, and have all experienced love in some form. We like how it makes us feel, want more of it, so we look to someone else to love us to feel good. With that brings relationships that don’t work, since we’re looking for the wrong reason. With the changing of times, beliefs, and perceptions, we can start loving ourselves with forgiveness. Forgiveness of our parents,¬† perceptions of how we were treated as a child, relationships that didn’t work, how others treat us, jobs lost, not enough money, etc. All leave a film inside blocking how we feel about us. Choosing to be accepting of ourselves just the way we are, letting go of our judgements of what if, if only, can free us to purely love ourselves. Everyone loves a newborn, they’re pure, life hasn’t touched them yet. We are still that, all of us. For a couple of days, try tapping into the purest part of you, how pure you were when born, FEEL it. It’s not an easy task, but with practice,¬† the outside “stuff” on us, blocking how we feel about ourselves, can be healed. It’s only energy and perception, it can be healed instantaneously with choice. Coming from there, we attract more love, we are treated with respect, our life outside mirrors how we feel inside. It’s quite amazing! We all want and deserve it, and are worth the time to learn it. The great thing is anyone and all can do it!