Simple tools for everyday stresses

Sometimes earthly, superficial, day to day stresses can add up. Being spiritual people, we don’t always honor our feelings when it comes to superficial events with the mind set, in the bigger picture, it’s not a big deal. It is if we feel it in the first place, it can only be relieved when we face how we feel without judgement. Our feelings are our individual guidance, they are specifically for each, they tell our story. Like all of us, we are different, our stories are different, events allow us to feel whichever way our story is written. There is no right or wrong with feelings, EVER, they are guidance. And there are tools to remove our feelings if we don’t like the ones we are having. It doesn’t start with changing others, it starts within, a different perspective, understanding, and choice. We can choose to change any feeling in an instant with various tools.
Here is a list of quick and simple techniques that can help mitigate stress in the moment.
1. always honor how you feel without judgement
2. breathe, sometimes that’s all it takes
3. talk to someone who is a good listener. there is nothing more unsatisfactory than having your story topped! it does not make your feel better in the moment
4. a lot of us don’t have time to be still and meditate, but we can be still for 60 seconds. close your eyes. look at your eye lids like you’re watching a movie. 60 seconds is all it takes to stop the mind chatter, breathing as you watch your movie. please do not try to make sense of what you’re seeing, it won’t. Spirit will bring what you received in the appropriate time.
5. scribble your intention on a piece of paper underneath a lit candle allowing Spirit to burn it up
6. right before sleep, ask for intention to be healed while you sleep. i like to do this one in 7’s
7. be in the moment, focus on the task at hand. this will stop our minds from jumping around
8. draw an imaginary arch of light around you focusing on the female nurturing energy from the universe. this is powerful since everyone one around you benefits.
9. use nature sounds in the back ground, whatever your preference
10. ask Spirit to give you messages through music. You will hear what you need in the moment.
11. ask Spirit for whatever it is you need to see/hear, pick up a book, open it randomly until you feel better.
All of these take less than 60 seconds, stopping the mind chatter, keeping us in the moment which in itself is a stress reliever.